Artist Statement

The opportunity of seeing something that has both a strangeness and a hidden beauty has always fascinated me. This is an innate energy of the subject to which I respond, an internal voice that asks me to stop and take a picture. In the beginning, I don’t always now what is luring me. It is as if something hidden behind a curtain reveals itself only when I click the shutter. This innate energy is always talking to me, sometimes I listen to it, sometimes I don’t; but I like to wander searching to experience it .

My mission is to show the beauty of the things that are not apparent, to reveal the instants when the universal is found in the particular.

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Pardo Iannini was born in 1977 in Bogota Colombia. His first contact with photography came with an Everflash camera a gift for a trip from his father when he was 11 years old. During this trip his family stayed one night in Armero one night before a mudslide erased the town. His insisting to his parents of placing a candle at the town’s church was something that they said helped saving them from the tragedy. Other spiritual experiences have marked him. In Jerusalem, during university while being part of the Choir that brought him on tour. he experienced the Jerusalem syndrome while visiting the holy sepulchre. He has been exploring meditation, and different paths of spirituality.

A trained engineer, brought him to the path of an office job but this was combined with enough breaks to explore music. He has been a drummer since 14 years. After moving to the UK and Italy, Pardo Iannini arrived to the Netherlands, where he received an MBA, but after years of frustration, finally studied photography at Fotoacademie in Amsterdam. 

His graduating work was based on the experience of ayahuasca and his contact with the spirits world. This crossing point of the invisible, spirituality and photography has since then been his focus. He has been nominated as one of the GUP New 2020 photographers and the Top 100 european emerging talents by Fresh Eyes Magazine


Colombian Italian Visual Artist residing in the Netherlands.


  • NEW 2020 Photo Talent - GUP Magazine
  • Europe's 2019 Emerging Talents by FreshEyes Photo Magazine

Past Exhibitions

  • Fotofinish - Rietveldpaviljon, Amersfoort Dec 12, 2019
  • GUP New - Watergasfabriek Amsterdam. Dec 6, 2019
  • EXPO CORE - Loods 6, Amsterdam. Nov 8, 2019
  • EXPO-FOS -Loods 6, Amsterdam May 2019
  • ARTEFAKTOS Gallery- Paris Dec 2018
  • FOTOGRAM - Amsterdam Sept 2017


  • Fotoacademie Amsterdam 2019

Assisted: 2017 Koen Hauser - Fotograaf des Vaderlands

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