For me there are several levels or realities. These are intertwined by levels of frequency and vibration Each level is greater than the other. Initially there is the mental (ego) level, followed and encompassed by the experience level (our current reality) and finally there is the spiritual level, that encompasses all.

As an artist I am an explorer a wanderer of those levels, a shaman, that looks for the mystical moments where those several levels convolute.

I am interested in three topics: 

  • Nature 
  • Relation
  • Coincidence

Nature, because I believe it’s the core where the experiential reality level meets the spiritual world also because we humans are over focusing on our ego and therefore destroying it.

Relation in a two fold way. First, me in relation to the world, because I try to move out of my introspection into a higher realm of consciousness, from experiential into spiritual reality. Secondly, my interaction with other human beings, where I tend to look for that moment when that spiritual world is perceived in them. 

Finally coincidence, because it is the provider. It is in the moments, when the mystical happens, that the intertwining of the different reality levels happen. I cannot force it, I am just being granted the moment to feel that.

Photography is then my way of “capturing” or evoking those mystical moments within my topics, it allows me to walk through the different reality levels, it has taken me out of my excessive introspection and has helped me to establish a deeper contact with the higher levels.

For more information on my work, to get in touch or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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