A List from my notes, Lessons I’ve learned

I am following another course, besides the one on Kabbalah , besides the one on Getting into my Creative Flow and The Habit of Ferocity, besides trying to apply Creative Calling book learnings from Chase Jarvis, besides Jazz drumming, besides Maller technique, besides Posing techniques for commercial photography, besides besides my Praxis Academy subscription,  besides me being a little bit tired of looking for excuses on keeping myself busy but not photographing instead of checking more courses and feeling myself ready enough. Yes another online course….

In the course, Overcoming Self Sabotage, I am asked for lessons learned, eight that I have had, and suddenly I remembered that in my Evernote notebooks I had exactly something that I have been collecting throughout the years, but that I have not kept up to date. A list of the things I have learned, hard or easy way….and I thought….” why not” let’s share it.

So if it resonates to anyone just let me know, perhaps you can send me yours

I have learned that

  • …a title doesn’t give you status, does not guarantee a job and does not give you self-security
  • …smiling opens all doors
  • …you can hurt someone really easily if you are only focusing on your own pleasure/needs
  • …you should not expect things in return and you should not do things expecting to get them in return
  • …there are people who have a tough live everyday 
  • …everybody deserves being treated like equal
  • …my insecurities don’t disappear by having more, knowing more, but by being a better person
  • …I have to treat everybody as if I wanted something from them without really asking anything from them
  • …stereotyping gives you no room to learn interesting people and or things
  • …there is always time to do the right thing
  • …doing something a little bit per day is better than not doing it at all
  • …you can try to change some people, but you don’t have to change them, it is also their responsibility to change and mine to learn to accept them if they don’t want to change
  • …everything is God’s will
  • …insecurity is believing everything bad your brain tells about you, while leaving out the good things that you and others know about yourself
  • …how you feel determines how you look (happy, secure, insecure, etc) and how you look both internally and externally makes and influence in how you feel
  • …I am the master of my mind, not the otherway around
  • …I can create many scenarios to keep my self busy with increadible dangers but that takes my energy and my focus from the things that are really valuable
  • …things are just that things, you can take care of them, but you should always take more care of people and living things
  • …opportunity is actually work, never quit your job until you have another job
  • …real sexiness is to be intelligent, be thoughtful and and be generous
  • …you have to Make your life, don’t just live life!
  • ….you have to trust yourself, you already know many things but keep always your ears, eyes and heart open to learn more
  • …you don’t need to be likeable, just Be, smile and enjoy yourself. 
  • … if you respect yourself, others will follow through, but don’t take yourself too seriously
  • … even guys who don’t look that fit can be really good fighters
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