Since a young age I have posed to me the universal questions, why am I here, what is the purpose of life. I found myself longing for meaning, walking an spiritual path.

As part of this quest I’ve travelled to the Amazonian jungle in my homeland Colombia, looking for answers, in a setting different from the established westernised view. 

For the amazonian Indians of several tribes, it is known that there is a motherly spirit, called Jurema who is part of every living thing. Sacred plants, specifically Yaje/Ayahuasca, are used by many as a portal to meet her. Shamans or “taitas” as they are called in Colombia have visions; for them human experience is only an illusion, just a fraction of what is out there. Reality is the one of the spirits and Jurema is the mother queen of that world. Travelling inward, your ego dies, allowing you meet your real self, the one you do not remember, the pure spirit, the one that you were before you were born.

Although I did not find the answers to my original questions I’ve found instead unconditional love.

This project explores my experience during this quest, and not the end result; how while walking guided by the spirit of nature, I started experiencing a new way of seeing and looking at the world.

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